Policy on Health, Safety and Environment

Sadiq Petroleum Nigeria Limited believes that all accidents are preventable. We are therefore highly committed to the health and safety of our personnel and that of third parties engaged in our operations. We are equally committed to our "zero target" for accidents and will take all necessary precautions to ensure that all operations are conducted safely and that there are no accidents resulting either to loss of life, injury to personnel or damage to equipment or the environment.

Sadiq Petroleum Nigeria Limited is committed to the development of host communities in our areas of operation. Sadiq Petroleum Nigeria Limited has well laid out safety rules and job procedures and will continuously review these to ensure that the company HSE Management Case is a living document. It is mandatory for all Sadiq employees to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided for their use by the company. The company management promises to provide only work equipment that are in good working condition and to maintain strict disciplinary measures against workers flouting company safety rules and regulations. Co-operation of every employee in making our HSE policy workable is mandatory.

We have well laid out processes and procedures for prompt reporting of Unsafe Acts, Near-misses and Accident/Incident reporting and Investigation.


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